Japan Kyoto day 8: Kiyumizu-Dera temple

On a lovely autumn day we went to the Kiyumizu-dera temple. The journey was long and a lot of streets were battled. Finally we were there, but the building was under construction. But fear not, the view of red, yellow and orange trees made it all up. And the inside interior of the temple was still nice to behold. The end.

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Below are some fried potato croquettes. I tried the Kobe beef version and it was sweet and savoury.

A cute raccoon, at least, I think it’s a raccoon…

For dinner we had CoCo Curry, a franchise which specialises in curry. It had a light curry taste, but it tatses really good. I had 3/10 spice level, which has a good kick.

Arcade games

Lazy Bear won a Tako from the grabber machine! After two tries! Woohoo! We also played some games at the namco arcade. There are so many arcades here with shooting games, rhythm games, grabber games, coin games, photo boots etc.

Another The End.

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