Japan day 7: Osaka

We visited Osaka today and saw a beautiful aquarium, ate yakitori at two places and ate famous okonomiyaki. Dotonbori, street full with lights, shops and food. Gigantic water tanks in the aquarium. Takoyaki = gooey dough balls with a octopus piece. Verdict: so soft and savoury. Okonomiyaki = gooey pancake filled with cole, bacon, shrimp, kimchi, pink ginger, octopus. Topped with sweet sauce, mayo and mosterd. Verdict: a bit too sweet after a lot of bites. But love the softness. When we left the Okonomiyaki restaurant Ajinoya, a huge line appeared. We didn’t have a line. Yes! Avoided the line. I am tired of a long day, so a small post for today. Good night/good afternoon/good day, wherever you are ^^

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