Japan Kyoto day 6: First time…

Today I experienced for the first time…

..eating curry bang (bread)

It’s savoury, taste like curry and has a gentle crust. It’s nice, but I am not a big curry fan, so I wouldn’t buy again.

curry bang

…eating onigiri

The rice is lightly flavoured. Nice salty salmon meat in the middle. The Dutch onigiri is more sour and salty compared to the Japanese ones.


..standing in line for food

I marked Honke Owariya as good food place on Google maps, but since we didn’t have internet outside, we didn’t know WHAT kind of food it was. So we just stood in line and waited to be surprised.

Honke Owariya soba

It was soba and udon! They are already in business for 550 years. They also serve this to the emperial family. It was tummy warming food.

Honke Owariya udon

…seeing a geisha/geiko

Tourists, including us, were being like paparazzi around the geisha. But she smiled and walked slowly towards us, so we could have all the time to make a photo. (I actually only have this far away photo xD)

geisha in kyoto

Tomorrow Osaka!

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