Japan day 4: train life Kyoto

Toilet in the train

Even the toilets in the train are high tech. There are two sensors, one for putting the seat up and one for flushing. The seat is heated, so your butt is comfortable while you are doing your business. There is even a security button for if you need assistance. Just wow.. the thoughfullness.

More about thoughfullness, all the seats in the train can be turned 180 degrees. So all the people can sit in the direction of the train driving.

Small size

My height is just like the Japanese people, 1.66m. Lazy Bear’s height is like a typical Dutch, 1.84m. All the chairs, stairs and buildings are a little bit smaller. The chairs are actually perfect for me, but I am not used to it. I am already adapted to the tall stuff in the Netherlands. I jump a bit higher on the stairs and dangle my feet on the toilet. But in Japan the height of the stairs is a bit lower, toilets are perfect.


A fancy dinner today at a ryokan. The food are small items and very delicate looking. The taste is light and you can taste the ingredients well. There were a few bites which had ingredients I have never eaten or were slighty familiar. They use a lot of seasonal ingredients, for autumn it is mushrooms.

Mushroom was also used a lot in our ekiban (train lunch box).

A lot of small bites today, but not much was mindblowing. Is my mouth too spoiled with good food?

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