Japan day 3: entertainment in Odaiba

Today we explored the Odaiba area, which has a lot of malls and entertainment stuff. We saw a baby seal who has been petted alot. He is not that fluffy anymore. We also saw the big gundam and a small statue of liberty.

In one of the malls they had an interactive arcade themepark called “Joypolis”. They have a rollercoaster with a rhythm game, a hologram concert of an anime figure, racing in moving car and much more. In the photo you see extreme skateboarding. They are strapped in a safety thing and can rotate while gliding.


For lunch we had tonkotsu ramen. The broth is made from pork bones. It was creamy and full of taste. The noodles however, were not that good. Not freshly made, it was still a bit raw.

Dinner was tonkatsu, deep fried pork with shredded cabbage. The meat was very soft, but the batter layer was a bit too oily for me. The first day we had a deep fried shrimps which had a very light batter, which was much tastier.

Toilet time

I am surprised by the all the manuals in the toilet. Every item has an explanation sign. You won’t get lost here. In our hotel we also have a bidet. It’s quite nice to clean your butt with the spray. You can choose the spray hardness and let it sway.

I have to say, it’s very clean in Japan; the things, the buildings and the people are very neat. There are no strange smells on the street. Usually a city has this city smell, but here I am sniffing very hard and not much to discover.

Odaiba area is a very nice spot for shopping, arcade halls, eating (okay food) and enjoying nice views. Today it was not that crowded. So visit on weekdays to avoid crowds.

Tomorrow we will be travelling to Kyoto.

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