Japan travel diary 2017 ~ start

Tomorrow we are finally going to Japan! I have waited a year for this. I have watched million Youtube videos about Japan, to see what kind food to eat and what kind of fun things to do.

Finally.. I will be experiencing it myself!
I will try to post something everyday, so be prepared for an overload of blog posts, kawaii stuff and food.

Look, I am this happy:

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I am very curious about all the good food. Will every meal be a mind blown experience? What is this umami I often hear about? Well I asked Google and it’s like a rounded, rich and savory taste. Ingredients which have been cooked or cured for a long time get this umami. I think it’s when the Chinese describe food as 香 (xiang1)… In the future I will research umami more, because it makes food taste so good!
For now, have a lovely Friday and talk to you in the next post.

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