Sichuan hot pot at Red Pepper Rotterdam (closed)

[Aug 2018] Too bad.. Red Pepper is closed. Their website is also not online anymore. But the good news: a Korean BBQ restaurant will open there!

Remember last week I was nagging about needing more hot pot in the Netherlands? Well, I went to Red Pepper in Rotterdam and I am satisfied. You can eat high quality hot pot there with a big range of ingredients to choose from and they serve a delicious home made dipping sauce.

Sichuan hot pot

The chef of the restaurant comes from Sichuan and has worked in one of the best Sichuan restaurants there. It’s possible to order all kind of spicy Sichuan food, like spicy fish soup (one of my favorite Sichuan dish) but this time we went for the hot pot. Every person gets their own little pan which boils on spirit, which reminded me of oldskool hot pot at home.

You can pick a vegetarian or beef soup base and you can choose your spice level. We went for mild, which is a little bit tongue tingly. The soup tasted really nice; salty, herby and spicy. It tasted like the hot pot soup in China.

If you choose the hot pot option, you will get a list with all the ingredients, You can check off the ingredients you want, just like all-u-can-eat-sushi. It’s always possible to get more ingredients. The price is: meat ingredients 5 euro, veggies 3 euro and fish 7 euro. You need to eat a minimum of 15 euro. We ate about 22 euro per person on ingredients.

Other food

Lazy Bear tried the beef noodle soup with mild spice level, but it was quite a punch for him. The soup base was really nice. I also used it to fill my hot pot. We also ordered a cold dish: thin pork slices with cucumber and garlic. So good!

We ordered bubble tea which also tasted very authentic. You can taste they use real tea (or they can fool me very well). Their tea pot is also beautiful. Overall, their design style in the restaurant is well thought off; nice menu card books with mouthwatering pictures, pretty designed eat tools and a lovely interior.


Interior / design = 9
Food = 8
Service = 7.5

I really like my first time hot pot in the Netherlands. I will be going back for sure, to try all the other authentic Sichuan foods.

The restaurant is really close to Round&Round, so it’s perfect to combine Sichuan food and soft cakes. Too bad Round&Round was closed on our day of visiting.

Visit them!

Red Pepper
Groenendaal 45F, 3011 SM Rotterdam
T: +31 (0)10 307 03 88

Mon-Sat 12:00 – 22:00
Sun 14:00 – 22:00

(18 Feb. 2018 – Their website says they are temporary closed due to an issue with their landlord. Hopefully they will open again soon.)

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