Asian food, please come to the Netherlands

These days I was thinking about all the noodle shops that have popped up the last year. And I am really happy that it’s now so easy to get a good bowl of noodles in the Netherlands (NL). But then I thought: “I want more good Asian food coming to the Netherlands!” It’s never enough, you know. So I started thinking about what that should be…

Hot pot

Strictly Dumpling is a foodvlogger I am following and he has tried a lot of hotpot restaurants in New York.

While I was watching this video I thought, yes, there should be more restaurants coming to the NL specializing in hot pot. I saw that there are some restaurants here that provide hot pot, but I have never tried them. Tonight I will be visiting Red Pepper Sichuan cuisine and it’s possible to hot pot there. So I might have my first hot pot experience in the Netherlands tonight! Keep you posted..

food trend sukiyaki hot pot
Japanese style hot pot: sukiyaki

Hot pot means: cooking different ingredients in a soup  and eat it from the pot. Usually there is a big pan of soup in the middle of the table with two soup bases, you put in whatever you want to eat and scoop it out when it is done. There is usually a sauce buffet at Chinese hot pot places, where you can create your own dipping sauce.


Soup dumplings

Dumpling is one of my favorite thing to eat. Soup dumplings are actually bao zi’s, but with soup inside and packed with a very thin dough skin. I wish Din Tai Fung would come to the Netherlands. They specialize in soup dumplings (小笼包) and they have a Michelin star for their whole franchise!


Snow shaved ice

You know shaved ice? Well snow shaved ice is more fluffy than normal shaved ice, it really feels like snow. You can find it in South-Korea (patbingsu) and Taiwan (baobing刨冰), but luckily all Asian countries have imported the dessert. This dessert is made with normal ice cream I think, but they made it in snow form. And you can top it with different fruits, flavors and other deliciousness.

food trend bingsu namu cafe
So soft, nice and cold…

You can actually get snow shaved ice in Dusseldorf (Germany). Lazy Penguin and I ate matcha and mango flavor at Namu Cafe.


Asian food trends

Luckily Asian food trends are slowly coming to Europe and the Netherlands, so I don’t need to travel to Asia to eat the good food. I am also waiting for someone to invent a teleport machine, to easily travel to Asia, have dinner and go back home.

If you guys already know places with delicious hot pot, soup dumplings or snow shaved ice, please recommend me the place! Maybe I just haven’t discovered them yet and they are just laughing “hah! we are already in the Netherlands”…

Have a lovely weekend! pig kiss

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