Recipe: Xinjiang lamb skewers – 羊肉串

Hi Food lovers,

I have written a BBQ lamb skewer recipe before and today I am sharing the video version with you. My father will show you how to make it. For all the measurements and steps, check out the written recipe.

Story time!

My father has created this recipe and he has fine tuned the recipe over the 30+ years. Yes, this recipe is older than me! When my father was a student he started making lamb skewers for his friends. He became known as the guy who makes delicious lamb skewers. I think all his friends have eaten his lamb skewers before and loved it.

Lazy Penguin and I also love his lamb skewers, so whenever he is in the Netherlands, we ask for lamb skewers (羊肉串) and pulled noodles (拉面). His top two dishes.

Coming soon

These days I am be working on a video project. Lazy Penguin and I have followed a chef for a day to see his food craft. Here is a sneak preview:

Have a good Friday!

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