Glasgow day 4: museums, uni, city bus tour

I saw two really good museums today:

“The Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum” has art from different countries, old and a bit newer. The grouping and placing of the objects are really well done. There are interesting information cards and they have a bit of sas in them. They really tell you a story or talk to you. I loved it, even though I skipped a lot. The things I read were funny and informative. The building is also very beautiful.

These days till 1 October they have comic art showcased of the artist of Superman, Batman and Jupiter’s legacy. Frank Quitely, is from Glasgow and one of the artist who draws the superman comics for Marvel. The whole museum has free entrance, but this event costs 7 pound. It was very interesting to see the drawing process. I learned alot from it.

The buildings here have really pretty lettering
New heads and old heads
Artist: Frank Quitely
Cute cups running away

The other museum was “Riverside Museum”. Today there was also a walk for cancer event going on, and Riverside museum was the end station. A lot of yellow shirted people were in front of the museum.

This museum offers a big collection of old cars, trams, bicycles, scooters and miniature boats. It’s really stuffed with mobile vehicles. I loved the part where they have build an old style street. Maybe from the 1920-1950’s? With all kinds of shops from back in the days. They also have interesting stories and interactive screens.

Building is designed by Zaha Hadid Architects
Old style street with shops
Interesting description stories

Further I took a stroll to the Glasgow University. There are beautiful Gothic style buildings on campus. Even the chairs were admiring the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum.

Just chillin and enjoying the view
Gothic style. Main building? Inside were a lot of Chinese students/tourists.
There is a big difference in architecture. Modern buildings in the back. The Glasgow uni library is one of the biggest in Europe(?). Too bad I couldn’t go in. If you have a student card from any uni, then you could go in. They have open days for non-student visitors. But not today.

The food today was delicious in the morning. And a bit less in the evening. I had pancakes with bacon as brunch. And we had KFC for dinner. The badminton watchers came back late (22:00ish), so many places didn’t serve food anymore. But actually you can go to a pub, some still serve food till 23:00. But we only found out after dinner.

Last whole day: to Edinburgh!

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