Glasgow day 3 (part 1): sightseeing, museum, burger

Laying lazy on the bed, scrolling through the photos of today. I have quite some stories to tell. So here we go for part 1.

Part 2 will come later, since we still have to go out for dinner.

Garbage bins are rare in Glasgow. You really need to walk for a while to find one. Is it like Japan? Take your trash home?
I thought: let’s go to the water side and have breakfast there. (Imagining a nice park and benches next to the water.) But nope, only some buildings and a street. Nothing special here.
My wandering let me to a very nice square with fancy shops: Princess Square. And look at those wooden escalators! 👰
This Chocolate shop has brilliant package designs and the interior design is like a make up store. I thought it was a hotel at first, but they just sell fancy looking chocolate. Maybe they also have a hotel, filled with chocolate 🍫😍
The restaurants here have funny names, like Two Fat Ladies, The Butterfly and the Pig, The Drum & Monkey. It’s like the title of a book.
Virgin has a bank. They call it ‘money’. Doh! So smart!
There are a few museum which are for free. This is the Contemporary Art Museum in an old building. So pretty right?
(Ay, the focus is on the bread.) This is the Lamborgini burger, pulled lamb (oh thats why LAMBorgini..), beef patty, cucumber and sauce. At Bread Meats Bread. This place had 450 reviews and a 4.7 on Google. It was super crowded, long line. I ate my burger like the speed of the wind. Tasted good, but the burger was a big too thick for me. Small mouth. I also had a orange soda: IRN BRU
Around 15:00 the badminton watchers came to the city to eat. We went to Temaki. Lazy Bear had a very spicy tonkatsu curry rice.
I had spicy chicken gyoza ramen. In the future i won’t order spicy anymore. If you slurp, spicy juices get stuck in your throat and you will cough like a fisherman. The noodles were soft like rice noodles.
Lazy Flamingo (new lazy friend!) got a sushi burito. Look at this beauty!
Some skethes of today. I forgot about “Loch Ness monster” when thinking about Scotland.

Now waiting for late dinner. Have a good evening!

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