Glasgow day 2: badminton world cup

Tips for visiting a badminton tournament:

  • Bring a marker, booklet and buy an event shirt for collecting authographs. Since you are at the World Cup, all top players are here. Some top players also mingle between the peasants. You might even bump into a famous player you don’t know on the toilet.
  • Bring some drinks and snacks, it’s going to be a loooong day.
  • Try all the different food things at the foodstand, like a hotdog, a shepherd’s pie or a sandwich. So you have some variation in your lunch and dinner.

  • Check out the shops, they might have some nice discounts on sports gear.
  • After sitting on the plastic benches for hours, you might get sore. Drink a lot, so you can visit the toilet frequently.
  • Still sore? Take a tour around the stadium, you get to see the matches from a different view and you might bump into famous players who are also watching the matches.
  • Still stuck? Do some yoga.

Day 2 was a day full of badminton. In the morning we got some breakfast at Mark & Spencer Simly Food. It is like a AH togo, but better quality food. My favourite food is the Hoisin Duck wrap.

The cash register system is designed very well. Every cash register has a number and there is a machine in the beginning of the line which calls out the number of a free cashier. So the cashier doesn’t need to shout.

Today, day 3, I will be exploring the city. Looking for cultural and food things. (Badminton already comes out of my nose, as we say it in Dutch)

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