Glasgow day 1: first impressions

The Glasgow airport is small and feels old fashioned compared to the fancy new security of Schiphol. We took the express bus to the city center. The driver was really helpful in suggesting us to buy a group ticket, since it is cheaper. 20 pound for 4 people, one way ticket. 1 person costs 7+ pound.

The city center reminds me of London. Modern high buildings and big roman style buildings. A lot of international clothing stores like Gap, H&M, Vans… and mucho more. It’s really shopping heaven near our hotel.

For dinner I asked the reception for some good Scottish food. We went to The Butterfly and The Pig 🐖.

They served us delicious food. I had a Pork Gammon steak, dry-salted hind leg of the pork (butt leg). The steak had a good amount of fat (what is sticking out below the egg), but because of the making process the fat doesn’t taste greasy, it’s very firm and yummie. The potatoes had a good taste and a good bite. The gooey egg matched very well with the gammon steak.

The Butterfly and The Pig is actually a tea house where you can have high tea, but they also serve dinner. Since they had a big spread of cakes we also ordered two cakes. Pistache cake, which tasted a bit like Earl Tea cake. And a white chocolate cake. It was not exploding sweet, but just right. The tea was of very high quality.

First day of eating: succes!

Tomorrow we will watch a lot of badminton matches.

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