Passion and a business card

Hi dear Food Lovers,

Today I want to take a moment to reflect on my Lazy Pig Passion journey. The last three months I have been creating food videos and those have given me a lot of new followers on Facebook and a lot of visitors on the blog. Also I have written about Yokohama Ramen Saito, the new ramen place in Schiedam, which spread like a wild fire on Facebook. I am really happy to share delicious food places and make other people enthusiastic about it. It just give me so much happy feelings which leads to teary eyes. Can’t handle all that emotion.

I get so much energy from making the videos. The feeling of creating something beautiful and delicious for the eyes is so addicting.

Video process

Shooting the video takes about 3 hours. First we film views of the city and film the introduction parts for about 2 hours. Then at the restaurant we film the eating part for about 1 hour. It really feels like working then. You can’t leisurely enjoy the eating. But Lazy Penguin and I have agreed to keep it casual, since we are doing this for fun anyway.

Editing the video and sound is another story. On average I use 4 evenings to finish a video. Let’s say 2-3 hours per evening. So about 8-12 hours for: cutting video and ordering them, adding the right sound and music, adding special effects like text and pictures, adding the intro and outro titles. Then on the day of posting, I will add subtitles, make a thumbnail photo for the video and write a text for the blog. I think that’s about 18 hours for a video & blog post. Poeh.
A ‘normal’ photo & text blog post takes about 6 hours to make. Which is: writing the text, choosing photos, editing them, adding a logo and text. Done.

But, those 18 hours don’t feel like working for me. It feels like having fun. I think I have found my passion. […]
Wow, can you cry because of happiness? Because I think it just happened. Or I am feeling very emotional listening to BIGBANG songs. Ah, internet says it can happen. Good to know I am not being weird.

Dear readers, I hope one day you can also find your passion and cry about it. It’s not that hard, just DO stuff and eventually it will find you. If you already know your passion: Great! Keep working on it.

To celebrate the growing audience I am making a business card for Lazy Penguin and myself to promote us more at restaurants. Here is a preview:

If you have some feedback for the business card, let me know! Critical feedback is always good.

Well people, this was quite an emotional post… Up to the next food story!

Have a good day!

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