What to eat in Eindhoven?

Restaurant tips eindhoven

Lazy Chipmunk asked for Eindhoven restaurant tips. So here it is!

I have visited quite a few restaurants in Eindhoven, but that was before my Lazy Pig Passion era. So I don’t have any stories about them (yet). Here is a quick list which comes into mind. Prices are per person.

Rodeo(30 euro) – Awesome steaks. The second best after Just Meet (Leiden). Take a mixed grill so you can try more things. I usually take the tenderloin and lamb chops combination.

Giornale(35 euro) – This place serves Mediterranean dishes. They encourage sharing dishes. I had their tenderloin and truffle pasta and it was mind blowing. Blog post coming soon!

Trattoria Margiare (30 euro?) – Good Italian food. Quite busy, reserve beforehand.

Hong Kong (15-20 euro?) – Good authentic Chinese food. All the Chinese parents go here now to eat Chinese. There used to be two good dimsum places, but they are gone πŸ™

King Thai (20 euro?) – Recommended Thai place from a Nepal friend. Love the photo on their website.

De Meulen (Oirschot) – Fancy pancy French food, but oh so good. It is quite expensive (50-70 euro), but then you get the good stuff.

Umami by Han(50 euro)- Chinesefood in a French style jacket (small fancy bites). The food tasted good, but at a ‘normal’ Chinese restaurant you get more food and it also tastes good. Sometimes even better…This place is for people who like fancy dining with good service. I personally prefer the rustlehustle and fast service of an authentic Chinese restaurant where you get the food fast so you can enjoy the food ASAP, nomnomnom…

Cooks(closed) (30 euro) – Interesting cafe/bistro food. Dutch/French casual food. It was good.

SNCKBR(closed) (15-20 euro) – Healthy and delicious food. The dishes are very creative and the interior is also very creative. This place is for now my favorite restaurant in Eindhoven.

That’s it for now. Have a lovely day!

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