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After talking about Round&Round so often on the blog, I have finally visited the place with Lazy Chipmunk. We had a lovely afternoon with the Matcha Lover Hightea, celebrating 20 years of friendship.

This store is so cute and adorable. It’s everything I would have ever wanted in my cafe. But since they already did it so well, plús serving the most delicious soft (not too sweet) cakes, I gave up my dream and I will just blog about them.


I have followed their cake business since they had about 100 Facebook followers. Back then, Bing and Chao would bake cakes for friends and others who were interested. After a while I saw they had started a cafe. A store in Rotterdam where they would sell cakes and other cute stuff, which is Round&Round today.


The cakes have a moderate amount of sweetness. I usually prefer to eat salty things, so I don’t like too much sugar. I have been to high teas before, but often the sweetness was too much. The Matcha Lover high tea however, is quite low on sugar, but still sweet enough. The amount of cakes you get is very generous. Whenever I thought they had served all the cakes (and made photos), more sweets were coming in.

We could just barely finish it. In the menu I saw that they also have a mini high tea, for the little eaters.


Their menu is lovely. Hand drawn sketches everywhere. I especially like their mindmap and sketch of their cafe.

Ordering cakes

It is also possible to order the cakes for a birthday or a cake craving. You can contact them via Facebook, email, calling or visiting the shop. I have ordered their roll cakes before, they range from 18 to 20 euro. The Matcha roll cake was really good, something you won’t eat often in The Netherlands. I also tried the Black charcoal roll cake. It was so black, but not chocolate. It had fresh fruits inside. I couldn’t finish the cake in one day, but after 3 days, the cake was still delicious!

Charcoal and Matcha roll cake


In the back of the cafe they have a shop section. They sell cute products and art from artists in Rotterdam. 

They have also researched a lot of matcha powders and teas and are now selling their own brand of matcha tea powder. It can be used for baking and drinking tea.

They still have so many cakes I want to try. Gotta taste them all!

Visit them!

Hoogstraat 55A, 3011 PG Rotterdam
☎ +31 (0)10 7856 545      Facebook

Monday     Closed
Tue-Sat     11:00-18:00
Sun            12:00-17:00

If you want to eat more sweets from Asia, try out Foo Concepts which is in the same street. They have an delicious Hongkong eggwaffles topped with ice and savory things. Their onigirazu and salad is also recommended! For dinner tips in Rotterdam, check out the Rotterdam Restaurant Tips page.

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