Rotterdam restaurant tips

A friend asked for Rotterdam restaurant tips. So here it is:

Chinese cuisine:

Orient Pearl – Good for dimsum according to friends. Reserve beforehand, it can be busy in the weekend. Internet says the service is crap, but that is fast and efficient Chinese service. Just accept the cultural difference.

Grand Garden – Good for dimsum and Chinese food.

Tai Wu – Good Chinese food according to parents and friends. I think it’s authentic.

SanSan – Authentic Sichuan food. Tastes like China. The spicy dishes are the best here. “Three Spicy” is like burning/numbing the inside your mouth, even for me.

Markthal, above Wah Nam Hong (Toko) –  There is an eatery above the Chinese supermarket. You can order different Asian dishes. Quite good if you want a quick lunch or bite.

Japanese cuisine:

Hinoki Noodle Shop [blog story] – Good ramen, good side dishes. Delicious rice bowl with chicken.

Takumi Düsseldorf Rotterdam [blog story] – Okay ramen, delicious side dishes. Try the chicken karage and fried mashed potato.

Shiki Sushi & Lounge – Higher quality all-you-can-eat sushi. The portions are a bit smaller, so you can try more dishes. Ordering is done via a tablet, so no social contact needed!

Ono Japanese Dining – High quality sushi a la carte. Atmosphere is quite fancy and hip.

Other cuisines:

Firma Pickles Markthal – The best burgers I have ever had in the Netherlands. I went to this place 3 times. Every burger had such a good taste (wagyu, duck, pork belly). They have burgers made from all kinds of meats and fish. Also a lot of wines, but I am not a wine person, so I don’t know if they are good.

Loetje – Delicious steaks. Reservation recommended, it can be busy. We had to wait for about 1.5 hour for a seat O_O.

Meram – Turkish cuisine. Really delicious meat dishes. Ask for recommendations to taste all the authentic food. – All kind of Asian noodles and side dishes. I recommend the Laksa noodles.


Round&Round [blog post] – Delicious and soft (not too) sweet cakes. They have tons of different matcha desserts. I also recommend the Matcha Lover high tea. In the back of their cafe they sell cute stuff.

YoYo Fresh [blog post] – Bubble tea and other sweet drinks. I always go for the Hong Kong milk tea with black pearls. It’s the best!

After making this list, I realize that I mainly visit Asian restaurants in Rotterdam. Ah well, still a million non-Asian restaurant to discover in the future. That’s a good future. ^^

Enjoy the restaurants!
If you have any good restaurant tip, let me know!

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