Strijp-S ~ Hip and happening in Eindhoven

Eindhoven is slowly becoming a hip, design and technology place. Especially Strijp-S has grown to a fun, relaxing and hip area. There are one-of-a-kind design stores in Urban Shopper, artists selling their beautiful items in pop-up shops. There is also a community workplace for freelancers at Seat2Meet. Here you can meet interesting people and learn from them. I believe Strijp-S also has studios for rent where people can work. I am not sure though, but on their website you can find all the things they offer. Also the “Vershal Het Veem” (food market) is amazing and delicious.

Lazy Penguin and I filmed a day at Strijp-S to show you a glimpse of what Strijp-S has to offer.


We filmed on a Sunday, so some things were closed. We have only showed you maybe 30% of what Strijp-S have to offer. Every 3rd Sunday of the month there is the Feelgood Market at Strijp-S. A market filled with food, design products, people and ‘gezelligheid’. It’s usually more crowded on those days.

Below are some ‘old’ photos of the Urban Shopper and of the FeelGood Market. Lazy Penguin still had long hair in those days.

Visit Stijp-S!

The next time you are in Eindhoven, don’t forget to visit Strijp-S. It’s a 3 min train ride from Eindhoven. Or you can walk about 22 minutes from Eindhoven Central Station.

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