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Fries (or chips); delicious deep fried potato strips. Belgium is famous for their fat ‘Vlaamse frieten’, but did you know Dutch people can also make delicious fries? In this post I will share some places which serve delicious fries.

We have a lot of potatoes which we can transform into fries. Besides the fries, Dutch mayonnaise is also really delicious; sweet, creamy and a bit salty. That combo makes a winner.
We call it:
‘Frietje met’ = fries with… (mayonnaise)
‘Patatje oorlog’ = fries war, sometimes with peanut sauce
‘Patatje speciaal’ = fries with mayo, curry ketchup and onions

You can usually get your fries at a snack bar, but recently there are some hip spots which specializes in fries. I have not tried a lot hip places yet, but here is a small summary of my fries adventures.

My memorable fries places are:

Luc’s fries – Delft

The most basic fries; potato and mayo. The fries have the right crispiness and potato softness inside. The mayo is so good! Sweet. This is my favorite basic fries place.

Address: Pieterstraat 41, Delft

Pickles and Wine – Rotterdam (franchise)

This is a burger place, but their fries are also really good. Their fries are a bit smaller and thinner, there is some rosemary mixed with it, at least, I think it’s rosemary…. The first time I ate fries with rosemary was in London at Honest Burger (my first ever blog post!). It was so good!

Locations: Utrecht, Rotterdam, Scheveningen, Den Haag

Roast Chicken Bar – Delft (franchise)

This is a chicken place as the name suggests. There was a special fries dish topped with pulled chicken. The chicken had a sweet BBQ sauce which was so delicious. This combo wins, because of the pulled chicken. I have to apologize for the crappy mobile photo. Soon there will be new photos… They also had other interesting side dishes like homemade ‘appelmoes’ (apple sauce) and tomato chutney.

Addresses: Turfmarkt 26, Haarlem | Voldergracht 12, Delft

Other fries places, but not my favorite:

Bram Ladage (franchise)

I have eaten fries from this franchise only once. I can’t remember whether I liked it or not. Sorry, I can’t give a clear review about this place. But I often hear other people praising this franchise, so must be good.

Locations: Rotterdam, Schiedam, Capelle aan den IJssel, Vlaardingen, Ridderkerk, Hoogvliet, Oud-Beijerland, Delft, Spijkenisse, Zoetermeer, Rijswijk, Dordrecht, Gouda, Den Haag, Nieuwegein, Utrecht.
(so many locations!)

Friet District – Delft (franchise)

A hip fries place in Delft, original from Den Haag. I ordered fries and a burger. The burger had pulled pork with it, I didn’t really like it, but Lazy Bear did like it. Also with my fries I ordered lemon mayonnaise. That was not the best choice… Lemon goes great with desserts, but not with fries. The fries were good, not really special. (I think the lemon mayo messed up my fries experience.)

Addresses: Prinsestraat 73, Den Haag | Voldersgracht 4, Delft

Bik Frietwerk – Den Haag

Hip place in Den Haag. The interior of the restaurant is really nice. Bik Frietwerk offers fries with different toppings. I tried the Bik Hot Cheese fries from a friend, but the cheese was too gooey and filling for me, so I didn’t really like it. I still want to try some other toppings.

Address: Turfmarkt 228, Den Haag

There are much more good fries places, but this is it for now. Do you have any favorite fries place I need to try? Do share!

Have a lovely weekend!

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