A big project: Food = Love

These weekly blogs about a restaurant visit, a recipe, a drawing with a story are fun and all. But I miss brainstorming and researching about food, creating some new ground in the food world. An innovating concept, an awesome idea, so people can steal it and realize it.

Besides writing the normal small stories, I will have a project next to it to nibble on some new idea. I will describe all the steps I usually take when doing a design project, so it might be even educational. Hah!

So… What will the project be about? Hmm.. I don’t know yet, but I hope it will unfold while doing this project.

I was thinking about going deeper into the topic:

food = love

Food plays a big role in Asian cultures and sharing food is like sharing some love. For example this moment made me feel loved:

I like eating bamboo sprouts in chicken soup; that crunchy texture and smooth mouth feel. I called my parents to ask whether they still had some bamboo at home to take home. The next day when I visited them, they told me that we were eating chicken soup with bamboo! Woohoo, so happy! That’s love people: making someone’s favorite food.

Also, side note: in my family we talk a lot about eating. When we are eating breakfast, we are already discussing what to eat for dinner, tomorrow. Of course today’s dinner was already discussed yesterday. Usually it is something special, some dish which takes some time, like dumplings or pulled noodles (拉面lamian)

This project already feels very fun and personal. I think I will describe more situations of how food expresses love. I will mindmap it…

Have a good Friday!

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