Äpelschlaat – potato specialties in Düsseldorf (Closed)

 Our visit

It was an early Thursday in Düsseldorf, (11:00am) and the Vietnamese restaurant we wanted to visit was not open yet (it opened at 12:00am).

There are a lot of Pacman ghosts in Düsseldorf

In the search for a good brunch place we found Äpelschlaat, a place which looked hip and organic from the outside.

Inside, the interior had a farm feeling: wooden tables, hay decoration, light green tones and a rough brick wall. They also have an open counter / kitchen area where they prepare the food. Yes, this place looks promising, we will brunch here!

Since Lazy Pingu and I still wanted to lunch after the brunch we ordered 1 potato chicken dish and 1 small salad. We also ordered a homemade elderflower lemonade, made by themselves. When the food came, it looked so colorful!

The potato was warm, chunky, savory and delicious. A bite with shredded chicken, some greens, nuts and the red sauce was yummy! It was served with a big dot of sour cream at the side, but I preferred it without. Although my need to create a perfect bite, made me keep putting sour cream on the potato. ¯(ツ)
The salad was simple; fresh veggies and quinoa with a sour dressing.

Menu and price

Click on the menu to see the other side on their website. The prices range from 6-8 euro per potato dish and they offer vegetarian and vegan food. The amount you get for 1 potato dish can be shared by two people.

photo from aepelschlaat.de


One of the owners, Carsten Reiners, told us that he wanted to introduce the potato more to the people, since meat plays a big role in German dishes, he wants to bring the potato more into the spotlight. An ingredient which often goes together with the meat dishes.

On the menu there are different combinations of potato with meat or grilled vegetables and other toppings. The name Äpelschlaat is Dusseldorf dialect, which means potato salad, if I understood correctly from the owner. Normally “kartoffel salat” means potato salad in German.

All the ingredients which they use are from farmers and suppliers in the region. There is a wall with all the people who are responsible for the ingredients. Also the grandmother helps making the cake!

It was a lovely visit. If you are ever in the neighborhood, visit them!

Visit them! (Too bad, they are permanently closed)

Friedrichstraat 120
40217 Düsseldorf, Germany
T: +49.211 171 22 399

Mon-Sat                11:00-20:00
Sun & holidays      closed

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