Last eating day in Düsseldorf


For lunch we went back to Yaki-The-Emon for some sashimi and okonomiyaki. This place is really good, I like it better than Takumi. The atmosphere and food feel more authentic. Takumi is more branch food, it’s still good, but not so special anymore. I might be bias, because I also tasted the Takumi in Rotterdam, so Takumi food is not one of a kind for me anymore.

Onigiri at Waraku

In the Japan town area is a small shop called Waraku where they sell onigiris: triangle rice in seaweed with different fillings. I bought some as a souvenir to eat.

So cool that Düsseldorf has this many Japanese delicacies. Don’t go to Düsseldorf for the sausages and meat, go for the Japanese and Korean food 😁.

Gogi Matcha service

A sigaret after eating?! No, this is a gum shaped as a cigarette. After we had paid our bill at Gogi Matcha, the waiter came with a pack of cigarettes (I thought), but it was gum. To have a fresh breath again after eating BBQ. What a thoughtful service, especially bringing it to you after the bill. Although restaurants in the Netherlands often give you a mint candy after dinner, this was more a ‘what-aha’ surprise. Restaurants should do that more often, a fun surprise.

It’s weekend! End of the week!

And yay! Mission accomplished: posted everyday for 7 days. Now it’s time to do nothing….

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