Foodies of today in Düsseldorf

Today Lazy Penguin and I ate a lot of different cuisines. A special potato dish at Äpelschlaat (will dedicate a post to them), Korean shaved ice (patbingsu at Namu Cafe), curry wurst (German sausage) and Korean BBQ. Okay two cuisines, German and Korean.

I am too lazy to draw the Korean BBQ, so here is a photo.

This Korean restaurant, Gogi Matcha, really tasted like the ones in Korea. Seoul Garden in The Hague fades away in comparison. Here they really have chunks of meat, not thin slices. And the sauces and side dishes are similar to Korea’s: sour, sweet and salty. The cold noodle soup was really good, sour sweet cold with bouncy black thin noodles.

More photos coming soon.

For brunch we had a potato salad topped with shredded chicken. It was so colorfull and tastfull. I really recommend this place: Äpelschlaat.

I have to say, till now all the food did not dissapoint. They have top notch Asian food here. (Though I didn’t dare to try Chinese food, I don’t have much fate in Chinese food in Germany, but proof me wrong!)

Tomorrow is the last day to eat in Düsseldorf. 😋

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