Dutch Gems: Drop aka Licorice

My favorite candy in the world is licorice, in Dutch “drop”.  Drop is something you have to get used to, it tastes salty, sweet, bitter? I don’t know, it just tastes like drop. Drop is something you will encounter when you live in the Netherlands. I grew up with drop. When I went to China to visit my family, I would take drop as candy for on the road. I shared it with my cousins, but they all hated it. Haha! More for me!

The fishies in the drawing are my current favorite drop, they are salty and covered with sugar. I always have them at work. By now people probably know me as the girl with the ‘haring drop’. Haring is another Dutch Gem. Oh, forgot to introduce this series: Dutch Gems, a series of delicious food from the Netherlands. The Dutch don’t have a lot of signature dinner dishes (besides pea-soup, mashes potato stuff), but they do have a lot of delicious ‘snack’ food. Drop is the first one of the series.

If you ever get to chance to eat drop, try it at least 20 times, you might like it afterwards. Hehe..

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