Zwart Breda – Eating in the dark

No light or pretty food. Everything is dark. Only sound, smell, touch and taste can be used. Recently I went to Zwart Breda, a restaurant where you will eat in the dark. The waiters are blind or have bad eye sight.

It’s really an interesting experience, because your visual experience is now replaced with sounds and imaginations of what those sound could be. Funny though, I usually think in pictures, but now I actually shouldn’t have any pictures of the event in my head, because I never saw anything. When I think back, I can see how our table was decorated (quite empty though :P) and a rough idea of how the other tables were placed next to our table. Also how my friends were sitting across of me and next to me.

It’s dark though. Smiling is useless, you can only communicate with your voice. Talking to keep it fun. No enjoyment of the sun coming into the restaurant. No. Pitch black in a small room.

I am skipping the exact details about the food and process, because I think it’s more fun to experience it yourself. Messing with your food without anyone seeing it. Or to sleep. Nobody knows…

Visit them!

Zwart Breda
Haven 5 , 4811 WK, Breda
+31 (0)76 700 23 50

Sun-Tue      Closed
Wed-Sat     18:00-23:00

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