Kek – Top coffee spot in Delft

Kek is my favorite coffee place in the Netherlands. It has a good vibe, relaxing music, fun interior design. Full with “frutsels”/designy things you can buy. And I really like their service. Always with a true smile and very thoughtful.

The first time I visited them with my mother, I ordered a Chai latte. I think a new employee made it, but the boss brought it. When she arrived at the table, she said: oh wait, I will make you a new one, it doesn’t look pretty. That’s really good service I think. The things you give to the clients should be perfect. I might be biased after this experience, but my second visit was also very pleasant:

I was planning to have a breakfast there, before going to the dentist (yes, a lot of dentist in my recent stories). I browsed their rich menu, a lot of interesting things to choose from. Their menu design is also smart. Every page is a category, so you can easily browse through it.

I have seen such a category menu before at Stads-Koffyhuis in Delft and thought it was smart. Eventually I choose a smoothie “The Hulk”. Kek has a small stand in the front of the store where they show all the fruit and vegetables they use for their smoothies and other drinks.

After my photoshoot of my Hulk smoothie a customer from the other window table also ordered one, since I was so engrossed by the smoothie. The Kek waitress already had the drink ready, she made more than 1 portion. Smart; if you know that more people will order. Bad; if nobody orders soon and the nice green color will turn brown. Or drink it yourself…

It tasted really good! I choose it because it has advocado in it. Ever since I tasted advocado in a smoothie, I am sold!

I am sure in the future I will go to Kek again, then I will try more solid food and expend this blogpost.

Visit them!

Kek Delft
Voldersgracht 27, 2611 EV Delft
+31 (0)15 750 32 53

Mon-Fri     8:30-18:00
Sat-Sun     9:00-18:00

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