Food diary #2 ~ dentist and kimchi ramyun

Banana milk

bananamilkToday I went to the dentist to remove a second wisdom teeth, too much wisdom in my mouth. Now my mouth is tired and still a little numb. Can’t chew, too much effort. So I made a banana smoothie. Smooth and sweet. Recommended for when you can’t chew. Babies like it too. I was walking in the supermarket before my dentist visit and I was looking at the baby food and thinking: should I buy some? But before I have seen people eating it on Youtube and it tasted bad. So I made my own baby food.

For tonight I will make some chicken congee, more baby food. I will post the recipe tomorrow.

Did you know they have banana flavored milk in South-Korea? It tastes quite nice, it’s sweet milk with more banana taste than what I just made right now.

Kimchi ramyun


Nice segue to my next topic: I discovered Kimchi Ramyun in a Dutch supermarket: Coop. I was surprised by the amount of Toko (Chinese store) things they have. They also cover some stuff from the Turkish supermarket. Good to see Coop is getting international. I approve.

Lays as Pringles?

lays chips pringles style

I found another interesting thing in the Coop. Lays is selling their chips Pringles style. But why? I like my chips to be small and big. Aya, I should have bought it so I can try it. Next time…

Have a good day!

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