Hongkong supermarket


I always love to explore supermarkets abroad. To see what kind of special food they sell and the pretty package designs they have. In Hongkong I enjoyed looking at all the food stuff in the supermarkets. Here is a small collection of things I found interesting. We visited a fancy supermarket which sells products from all over the world, including Dutch cheese, and also Seven Elevens with delicious cakes and breads.
citysuperhk supermarket
HK supermarket sashimisupermarket sushi fresh fruitstrange fruitsmiley drinks

kimchi heaven soft bread instant ramen chips kiwiberry package-design

Good times in Hongkong. Too bad we didn’t buy that much of food from the supermarket, because we mostly ate in restaurants (which is not that bad at all). Even though they have fantastic food in supermarkets, my friend Lazy Panda (who lives in Hongkong) says she misses the stuff from the Dutch supermarket. Aah.. can’t have everything.. and the grass is always greener…

Good night Hong Kong.


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