Food art

Besides food, I also like pretty graphics. So combining the two is mind blowing! Pretty food visuals!

For my blog I make all the (food) graphics myself and I get inspired by other drawings/graphics I see on the web. Here are a few pictures which I think are pretty. You might see a similar style in my graphics.

Flat food


Flat design has been a thing the past year. I also think it’s a cool style and quite easy to make. Symmetrical shapes with a lot of similar colors. A few days ago I saw this picture. I just love the colors and shapes. The artist is Ryan Brinkerhoff.

Cute food

Today I found a studio which makes such cute graphics and their name is Squid & Pig! Piggie!
They have also created cute food stickers for Viber. Here is some cuteness overload:


Photogenic food

I have this cookbook (Modernist Cuisine at Home) which has the most beautiful cut through food photos. I wanted the book, because one: the photos are so pretty and two: they use a lot of scientific ways to explain the recipes. Like exact temperatures, different kind of measurements etc.

modernistcuisineVeggie photo source

modernistcuisine2Roast photo source

Drawn food

Further I like to draw food. Like these dumplings:

I like black lined drawings (+ water paint). It feels very powerful to not use the eraser, but just to draw everything ‘perfect’ in one go. I follow Paul Heaston on Instagram which draws superb black and white drawings. I can learn a lot from him by examining his sketches.
paulheastonDrawing source

What kind of food art do you like?

Tomorrow I will work on a failed video recipe. Show you guys the Don’ts of filming a recipe.
Good evening!

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