Seoul Garden ~ Korean food in Den Haag

I wanted to go back to my roots of Lazy Pig Passion and create an idea or concept for a restaurant. So today I choose to design something for Seoul Garden in Den Haag.

This lovely home-feel restaurant serves Korean food: Korean BBQ, bibimbap, nice side dishes. My photos of the food were not sharp enough, so I will make better photos the next time I visit them and share them here. The taste is quite good. It tasted like the food I had in South-Korea. I was really satisfied.

I read some reviews saying that the interior is bad, but don’t you understand that is the whole point of the style? Home feeling with a interesting wall. Just look at this:

So cozy right?

The service is a bit slow, but that is because it’s always packed. And they need to serve a lot of side dishes to everyone. If you would have seen our table. It was crowded with little dishes with kimchi, cucumber, potato matchsticks, meat, rice, mmm… Okay, I will share a blurry photo:

In the drawing, you see the mister in the top left? He is the host. A silent but happy ahjussi. The first time I entered he was there smiling. I wasn’t sure whether he was a customer or an employee, but then we started talking and he led me to my table. At the end of our dinner we got a handwritten check and we paid with cash. They accept cash and creditcard.

This place is really like a South-Korean BBQ place. After eating, your clothes and hair will smell like BBQ. Too bad we don’t have those anti-BBQ sprays in the Netherlands.

So today I actually wanted to make a new logo for them, but it became a drawing of their interior. Hope you guys like it, and if the owners of Seoul Garden want the picture. Let me know, I can send you the file.

Visit them!

Seoul Garden
Bagijnestraat 8
2511 CK Den Haag
+31 (0)70-365.0602 (make a reservation to avoid waiting)


Tue – Sat    17:30-21:30
Mon & Sun   Closed

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