To Taste or Not to Taste


The past week I have been using a mouthwash everyday, because I had to make my mouth clean for pulling my wisdom teeth. Everything went well, I didn’t cry.

BUT, the mouthwash made me lose my taste. (It was awful!) I couldn’t taste salt properly anymore. A sweet banana was okay. But a sandwich with salty cheese tasted so bland. Terrible to lose your taste-bud-skills. You will miss so much taste and feeling of the food.
I heard, the older you get, the more taste buds you will lose. Oh no! I need to invent something to prevent that from happening. Or find a way to still taste the food 100%. (Wikipedia: taste perception begins to fade around 50 years of age because of loss of tongue papillae and a general decrease in saliva production.) T^T

I love the taste of food.

Smell is also a big helper in tasting. Luckily I could still smell the ingredients when I was cooking. I could not taste-try it. So I just trusted my nose.

Today I still need to use the mouth wash. After a few days I can taste 100% again! 😀 At least, I am guessing that I usually taste 100%…. Maybe I have already lost some taste buds in these two and a half decades..

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