A dedication to ramen – Hinoki Noodle Soup – Rotterdam

Aah.. ramen, noodles, 拉面 (la mian). One of my favorite foods. Often, on a blogging Friday like today, I will eat a package of instant ramen for lunch. With an egg, tomatoes, vegetables and sometimes surimi sticks. Here is my go-to recipe.


I grew up with the brand 出前一丁, so usually I have these at home. Today I am out, so I am a bit sad. In Chinese we call these noodles: “easy noodles”, because they are already pre-fried/cooked. You only need to boil them for about 10 minutes. Instant ramen is a simplified version of normal ramen, which consists out of a strong broth with chewy noodles. The Japanese learned about ramen from the Chinese, that’s why the name is similar to 拉面 (la mian) .

Actually with this post I wanted to tell you guys about a nice Japanese ramen restaurant in Rotterdam. Called Hinoki. They started around May 2016 across SanSan (Sichuan Chinese restaurant-> recommended!), near the Markthal. They told me that they are connected with Takumi Ramen, A famous Japanese noodles restaurant in Dusseldorf, Germany. And indeed, they have the similar menu graphic style. I still need to visit Takumi one day… [And I finally did! Here is the story..]

At Hinoki I have tasted several ramen soups. Some were a bit too strong for my taste. But I wonder then, do you usually drink the ramen soup, or is it only for giving the noodles some taste? I have to Google this..
Soon I will be able to taste the ramen from Japan, then I will let you know the differences.
The other dishes at Hinoki are delicious. The edamame green soybeans were so fresh. The inkfish balls are deep fried, at least I think? The inside was still gooey. I actually liked it better than the balls I had in Japan…

Oh! And I have never eaten such delicious rice, spring onions and mayonnaise. It was leftover from a Chicken Teriyaki don, chicken over rice. The chicken and sauce was really nice on the rice. But I was so surprised that without any chicken, the rice still tasted good.

Time to visit them!

Hinoki Noodle shop
Keizerstraat 52
3011 GH Rotterdam
+31(0) 10-4133585 (No reservations)

Tue – Sun      12:00 – 21:30
Closed on Monday


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