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lazypig year review 2016

In 2016 I started blogging on a weekly regular base. In the beginning it was hard to keep posting something every week, because I don’t feel the pressure of a deadline. So there are some months which only have two posts in stead of 4 or 5. In total I have posted 53 posts in 2016.


That is a post every week (+1), but that is strange though. When I was in Thailand I posted every day, so that should make the number higher. Or I had a lot of weeks with not posting and the Thailand posts made up for that.


I have posted 6 recipes. Recipes get the most likes from WordPress members and some of my readers are asking for simple recipes. So next year I am planning to make more recipes. Probably in combination with a video.

Recipe: Onigirazu – Seaweed Rice hamburger ~ 9 December 2016
Dad’s Famous lamb skewers 羊肉串 ~ 11 September 2016
Eating wild plants: wild leek / ramps ~ 27 August 2016
Dumplings a la LazyPigPassion ~ 23 April 2016
Chinese chicken soup against the cold ~ 29 January 2016
Recipe: Stir fry chicken, potato, carrot ~ 15 January 2016


I wrote 10 posts about restaurants, cafes or dessert, drink places. Mostly situated in The Netherlands, some in Swiss, Hongkong and Thailand. The Kiroren Restaurant post (Chinese Xinjiang food in Rotterdam) has given me a lot of visitors, because Google shows my post on the first page. I am very happy with that. That really shows, if you are the first with exposure, you get a lot of views. Since the Kiroren post I have at least 1 visitor per day. They usually come for the Kiroren post. So I think it is time to expand their post with more photos and maybe some videos? Good reason to eat there again! 😀

Food in other countries

I wrote 24 posts about food from another country. This year I went to Swiss, Hongkong and Thailand and I wrote about their food and restaurants. Thailand has by far the most posts (16), because I posted everyday there. It was quite some work everyday in the evening, but it resulted in a nice collection of photos. Plus it attracted a lot of readers, average on a day I had 10 visitors and about 40 views. After Thailand I decided to buy the name LazyPigPassion.com, so there is no WordPress in my link anymore + I removed the ugly commercials. First I thought it would be nice to earn some money from the commercials, but they just don’t fit visually in my blog.

Next year Lazy Bear and I are planning to go to Japan. I am already looking forward to it. For Japan I will do some research on restaurants I want to visit and post it on the blog.

Random food stories

Then I have 14 posts about food I like, food rituals, trends, MacDonald ideas and even toilets. And some other post.

I wonder what people like from my blog.. the restaurant reviews, recipes or random stories? Let me know 🙂

Have a wonderful 2017!


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