Chiangmai – Sofuto Cream

There is this dessert shop in Chiang mai, called Sofuto Cream. It serves Japanese desserts, like ice cream and mocha ice.

metling cow statue Sofuto cream store


It has a fun way to pick your (table) number. When you come inside the waiters will ask you to indicate your mood by picking a wooden block with an emotion. The wooden block has a number, which you will hang on a stand at your table.

blocks with emotions number block

Then when you sit down, you will receive a photo menu. Their menu has beautiful photos of all the deliciousness you can order. You can write down your choice on 4 different papers: hot/cold drinks, ice cream, mochi’s? I forgot which exact categories…

sofuto menu

There were a lot of papers which could be filled in. A bit too much in my opinion. If they could place all the choices on 1 paper, that would be maybe easier. But you dó save paper, if you don’t choose the category. Would a tablet be more sustainable? Or the waiter just comes and gets your order. The papers creates less interaction with the staff. Do you want that?

Social interaction with the waiter
A lot  — Waiter comes and asks your order

Little — A paper to fill in your order and give it to the waiter

None — Choosing from a machine/computer and food comes on a conveyer belt (like sushi)

sushi belt

Desserts and drinks

Totoro menu totoro macha tea

There were some Totoro desserts, which I had to order because: Totoro. I had a macha tea with a totoro in it, some red beans and rice cakes. The taste was so so, but that’s is okay. I could enjoy the cuteness of the sinking Totoro.

mochi and macha ice

We also had some strawberry wrapped in a mochi layer and coffee ice wrapped in mochi. Tasted okay, not superb like the Hongkong ice mochi. Green tea ice was good.

The store is behind the Chiangmai university campus. Also next to the street food stalls, where we ate spicy tom yum. Mjammjam…


Visit them!
Every day           11:00 – 23:00

Suthep Rd. Chiang Mai, Thailand
T: +66 81 172 7173

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