Thailand day 14: Siam shopping, Art and Culture centre

Last day to explore Bangkok. Today we explored the Siam area. Siam malls from cheap small stores to high class fancy malls. Something for everyone.

We also went to Art and Culture centre across Siam. It had some nice contemporary art on the highest floor and cool design shops below. Also a lot of photos of the King. 

Soft cake with banana inside
Lunch at Japanese noodles store

I love Loft! It has designy stuff, bit like Muji, but more decorations. Hip stuff. Also from Japan.
Art & Culture center has nice photos, design shops and café’s
If you know this, high five! If you dont know, google Yotsuba&!
Cute cup drawings at Gallery Drip Coffee
Minced pork and carrot in a rice dough noodle. I am gonna make this one day

Tmrw: fly back home! 🛬

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