Thailand day 13: birthday, art(?), Dino’s, coco curry

It’s Lazy Bear’s birthday today!

We wanted to go to the W district to see some art, but when we arrived at 11:00 there wasn’t much open. Not so much art to see either. There would be more food stalls open at 16:00, but it was still quite dead around that time. So didn’t see much here. We hoped for some 798 art from Beijing or Moganshan road 50 stuff from Shanghai. 

At 16:30 W district was still quiet.. not much art or people

We did went to Dino Planet. A bit expensive 600 baht (15 euro), but a lot of interactive things to enjoy. A lab story, a mine 4D rollercoaster ride, a 4 minute escape room/jail and park full with Dino’s.

That’s a real man and a real moving dinosaur. We had to hide for her.
The big dinosaur was looking for her babies…
Coco Curry for dinner. Kimchi pork and eggplant. Curry tasted very nice!

Tomorrow is the last whole day.

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