Thailand day 12: MOCA 

Very tasty bibimbap. Best I have ever eaten outside of Korea. At Tudari in Terminal 21 mall.
Terminal 21 mall is awesome! It even has themed bathrooms xD. Sealife and bakery in the photo below. What an experience. Even the people working in the toilet were wearing a nice outfit.

MOCA museum, contemporary art. Hard to get to this place, because it’s next to a highway. But they are building a BTS Skytrain line next to it, so maybe next time it is easier to get there.
It had art from the artist of the White temple and Black House. Really nice exhibition, but there were almost no people.

Artist: (of Black House) Thawan Duchanee

So so sushi for dinner. Dutch salmon still tastes the best, it has more flavour.

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