Thailand day 10: Bangkok, Central World

Today was a day of relaxing, shopping and eating. Slept in and went to Central World for lunch, shopping and dinner. It’s quite humid in Bangkok, 71% humidity in the morning, so being in the mall is nice.

They were having a ceremony or something at this place.
Phad thai, curly veggies and deep fried fish cake
Very nice interior design in the Zen part of the mall
Dinner at Din tai fung. It wasnt as good as in Hongkong, but still nice. Chicken dumplings were the best
I have never seen so many different brands of pens, pencils and markers in my life. I bought some white pens for my drawings.

There were also a lot of cute stuff and other stationary stuff. If only I could buy everything…but meh, dont need it.

Tomorrow more cultural stuff.

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