Thailand day 8: Roadtrip to Laos

Today we are going to Laos by car. Lazy Tiger’s brother is also joining us. On the road we bought a whole grilled chicken for breakfast and ate it with sticky rice. It was soo good! Soft, tender and juicy. Also some eggs which were grilled on the BBQ on a stick, with shell and all. 

Grilled chicken and sticky rice

On the way to the bridge to cross from Nong Khai to Laos the car airco broke. So we went to a car shop to fix a rubber band.

Pha That Luang at Vientiane, stupa covered in gold paint

View from the Loas Arc de Triomphe, Patuxai

In Laos they use Lao kip as currency, where 2,6 6 euro = 100 baht = 23046 kip.

Bbq and hotpot mixed. All you can eat!


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