MacDonald’s home cook service

I was talking with lazy bear about MacDonald’s having 24/7 service. In the past this didn’t exist in The Netherlands.macdonald-service-02 Now MacDonald’s is slowly becoming like the ones in the US and Asia. I hope one day they will also bring the Big Mac and fries to your home, like in Asia. Then whenever I have a MacDonald’s craving I can order it! Oh, Burger King is starting the delivery service now. Only in Den Haag and Emmen, for testing it. Let’s hope it will be a hit, so Mac Donald’s will also have the delivery service.macdonald-service-03

But the fries will be soggy, because they are not suitable for long travelling.macdonald-service-04

What if the delivery guy will bring the ingredients and cook at your home. Maybe in a MacDonald’s food truck. Or they have a whole cooking machine which they can bring to your kitchen. macdonald-service-05

Wouldn’t that be great? Ordering a chef from a restaurant to cook for you at home. Instead of delivering the food..macdonald-service-06

Note: the MacDonald’s logo is now dark green with yellow. But I like the red with yellow better. That is the real Mac.

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