Thailand day 4: Inthanon Mountain, forrest, tomyam, Totorooo

Today’s highlights!

1_ We went to Inthanon Mountain for climbing to the highest mountain of Thailand (by car) and to walk in the forrest on the mountain. The forrest is also called Cloud forrest, because it’s cloudy there:

We went to two pagoda’s on the same mountain. These pagoda’s were build for the Queen and King when they turned 60. We saw some nice views:

2_ A tree threw a fruit (like a small acorn) in my neck, just like a shuttle smash. I took it home, since the tree was very strong in his throw/will.

3_ Lazy Bear can’t handle spicy Tom Yam noodle soup. His bowl was not empty at the end of dinner…

Tom yam noodle soup

4_ A Totoro in my Matcha Latte!? Take my money! Awesome dessert place: Sofuto Cream. A Japanese dessert brand which had so much cool concepts in their store that I will dedicate a blogpost to them. Later. The picture on the menu looked better than what I got. But cannot complain, it was a Totoro! ^3^ (And it tasted like black sesame)

Tomorrow a daytrip to Chiangrai. There is a White temple and a Black house…

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