Thailand day 3: Light Festival in Chiangmai

In Chiangmai we met with our friend Lazy Tiger, he lives in Khonkaen. Before he had studied in The Netherlands and he became friends with us. Lazy Tiger has family in Chiangmai. We went to his family’s house to drop of his stuff and eat some small pizza’s to keep our belly satisfied for the evening. They have nice plants and flowers in their garden. Here are some palmtrees.

In the evening there was the Light festival to honour the water spirit or water god. By sending candle-flower-boats in the water to apologise for making the water dirty. Some boats are made of icecream cones, so the fish can eat them. There were also fire lanterns which people were sending to the sky on a bridge, but the street was so crowded with cars, busses, scooters and people which blocked the road to the bridge. We saw the lanterns from a bit further.

Pretty, but crowded. Next to the streets were also street food. We had some fried noodles and coconut juice. At the end of the evening we went to an outside eatery to eat some Thai food. 

We had Thom Yam, special sausage and shrimp with cashew nuts. The shrimp tasted very nice; salty. The sausage had a lot of herbs in it, which were similar to the herbs in the Thom Yam soup. The soup tasted very sour, but that might be because we didn’t had a lot of spices in it. But, there was a surprise in the soup. A cockroach 😨. I was a bit like this when I scouped it.

But what the hell, I already ate of the soup and I didn’t die. So I continued to eat it. But still, somewhere it feels creepy… I asked Lazy Tiger whether it is normal to have a cockroach in your food, but he said no. Lucky us…. 😅

Tomorrow: mountains!

[My English feels very crappy today. Feel free to create better sentences for me. Teach me Senpai. 🙃]

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