Thailand day 1 & 2

A lot of traveling these two days.

With the train and airplane.

Because of flying to Chiangmai on the third day, we took a hotel close to the airport. The hotel had some mosquito’s and a cockroach, but thats okay, we are not affraid!

Thailand is now not that hot. 29 Celsius degrees, okay humidity compared to Hongkong. But we haven’t been outside a lot, so I am not sure.


On day two we ate real Thai food in a small restaurant. Fried noodle and sweet sour chicken with rice. The portion was small compared to Holland, but enough. The fried noodle was rice noodle, very sticky and bouncy. The chicken was sweet, not very heavy sour. Really just enough sweetness, sourness and saltiness. Good for the stomach. (I will add a photo later, since they are in my camera. ->Done!)

For dessert we had shaved ice in a Korean dessert store. The shaved ice costs in total more than dinner. 270 thai baht for dessert and 210 thai baht for dinner. But I am used to that now, just like in Hongkong.

Fun story about our hotel room door. The door has a little button inside which you push in to lock the door from the inside. But also for going out, you push the button in and close the door. Then the door is locked. We noobs are used to locking the door with a key from the outside, so we couldn’t get the door locked. I totally forgot this way of locking, even though I experienced these doors in China before.

The drawing under the Door locking is explaining about the layers of the mango ice. It was quite a lot and I couldn’t finish it, because I was getting (a) cold.

Day 3 is flying to Chiangmai.

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