Toilet stories

[Warning! This post has photos of toilets.]


Even though this is a strange subject to talk about in a food blog, but you have to realise food eventually goes to the toilet. … 😃

I am actually quite fascinated by toilets… It is a special place where you can do your thing and have a moment for yourself. Usually I get a lot of new ideas while being on the toilet. When there is a problem I need to solve, I can just go to the toilet and my brain will automatically think of ideas. Very useful. Also, it’s a nice break from work. Actually this ‘toilet stories’ idea came to me while sitting on the toilet 😛

You have toilets in all kinds of different shapes. I think I have experienced quite a lot of different toilets. From a hole in the ground in a clay hut it in China to high-fancy-music-water-fountain-toilets in South-Korea.

Sometimes when I had found a new ‘thing’ (cool gadget or system) in a toilet I will make a photo of it.

Here is a collection of toilet photos:
This is a typical squat toilet in China. You usually throw away your paper in the trash bin next to it, because paper can clog the toilet.
At the Dutch university sometimes people will squat on the toilet pot, so the university specially made a squat toilet cabinet.

This toilet has a square seat. I found it in Hongkong. Actually it’s quite nice to sit on. Your legs have more support.

This toilet (bidet) was from my dorm in South-Korea. It has a lot of buttons on the side and the toilet seat is heated. There is a water spray to wash your bum.
Some bidets also have music; water sounds or soothing music to damp your dumpings.

Big malls in Asia have very fancy toilets. Like this one in China. Some toilets even have a mirror area with chairs where you can touch up your make-up.

Oh. this reminded me about a restaurant in Beijing which uses ‘toilet’ as theme. They serve poop-like shaped food in a toilet pot. (Hah! Back to food again.) I have never visited it though, I only saw it from the outside. Maybe next time.
toiletstories-06  toiletstories-07

Sorry if I ruined your appetite today. Have a great toilet visit!

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