Day 2: Desserts in Hongkong


Did you know in Hongkong they have their own “going out” version. Instead of going to a bar and drink beer, they go to a dessert place and eat dessert. Getting drunk on sweets. They have a lot of different desserts available: creampuffs, mochi ice, whole shops dedicated to desserts.

On the second day in Hongkong Lazy Panda took us out for dinner and dessert. Dinner was at Dintaifung, but I will dedicate another post to that awesome place. This post will be about the desserts.

The Dessert kitchen


While walking on the busy pedestrian roads in Kowloon we found our way to The Dessert kitchen. This store only serves desserts. It is fully packed with locals. All their ice cream, mochi stuff are homemade in the

We have been there two times so I had the possibility to try a lot of different stuff. I have to say. I really like Hongkong desserts. They are not so sweet as desserts in Europe, but just sweet enough. And they use other ingredients, like rice flower for rice cakes and mochi. Also they use more fresh fruit.


Their menu has photos of all the delicious desserts. I noticed there are a lot of mango desserts in HK. Also 柚子 (pomelo) is used often in desserts and éven in savory (salty) dishes. We once had fish with pomelo, which tasted very nice together.


Mochi ice cream


Mochi is soft rice dough. Mochi ice cream is ice cream packed with a mochi layer around it. There was a little shop in Langham place (the place with the creepy teddybear) where they sell mochi ice cream. We had visited it twice, because it was so good. I got the green tea mochi with red beans. During the trip I often choose for the green tea flavor, because you don’t get that often in the Netherlands.

Egg waffle


I had seen photos of eggwaffle before on Instagram, so when I saw them in the streets I had to buy and eat them. I also made an instagram style photo of it.

It tastes a bit dryer than the Belgium waffles, more crunchy. Inside the round balls is air, nice sweet air.

There was another expensive dessert place in a mall, Lady M, but I will talk about it next time. It is so good that people are standing in line for it. Then you know it’s really good.

lady M

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