Hong kong 2016 | day 1 Flying


The first day was mainly travelling. We first flew 10 hours to Xiamen, from there we had a 1.15 hour flight to Hongkong. In the airplane we enjoyed movies from different countries. I watched X-men Apocalypse and Alice through the looking glass, with sudden sleep attacks. I recommend bringing own (good quality) earphones, since the sound is way better then. On the flight back to the Netherlands I forgot to take my earplugs out and had to use the earplugs they hand out, which has crappy sound. First world problems.


The traveling was quite tiring, since we had to wait 4 hours in Xiamen. Luckily a cafe just opened at 6:00 in the morning, so we ordered something to drink and to eat. We only brought 220 HK dollars with us and what do you know, we ordered exactly 219 HK dollar. We got 1 yuan back. A lot of food was not available yet (they had to be delivered), so we ordered milk tea and a noodle soup. The soup was really good, made from bones and boiled for a long time. Or they put in some enchanting soup powder which made it so great. This soup is the only food thing I didn’t make a photo.. shame on me. But the noodles were soggy. Not so good. Better food in Hongkong.


After 1.15 hours of flying we arrived in Hongkong!

Let the adventures begin! ^3^


2 thoughts on “Hong kong 2016 | day 1 Flying

  • Dear Lazy Pig, I came across your blog after googling Kiroren restaurant, and I really enjoyed reading all your posts (even though I wouldn’t consider myself a food lover). I particularly like the way you describe things and your sense of humor, and am looking forward to your next post,
    keep up the good work,

    • Hi Matthew,
      Thank you for your nice comment. I am happy that you enjoyed my stories. You made my day 🙂 Today I will work on a story about desserts.. hope you enjoy it!

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