Dad’s Famous lamb skewers 羊肉串

Last week I wrote about my dad’s famous lamb sis kebab and lucky for you guys. He made it the week after, so I could take some photos to show you the recipe. It’s not difficult to make them. You only need to buy good piece of lamb (we use the leg). Have some decent BBQ fire skills and it will be a piece a cake.


  • Lamb leg meat
  • 1 onion
  • 2 eggs
  • Freshly grind cumin seeds
  • Freshly grind hot peppers
  • Salt


  • BBQ, coal, fire
  • Metal satay sticks

One | Preparations

Cut the lamb pieces into 4 cm long, 2-3 cm wide and 1-2 cm thick pieces. So it will be easy to puncture the stick in the middle of the meat. Cut 1 onion into finely chopped pieces. Mix with the meat. Put the egg white of the egg in the meat. Mix it well. The onion and egg white will make the meat very tender.

You can make two powder flavours, one is only grinded cumin and the other one is grinded cumin + grinded hot pepper. If you like spicy, add more hot pepper. Mix about 3 teaspoons of salt with the 5 teaspoons of grinded cumin. (I am guessing this ratio.)

Start up a fire with coals in the BBQ, so the BBQ will be hot and ready when you are done with step 2.

Two | Making skewers

Use the metal sticks and stab the meat right in the middle, so the meat will be equally burned at every side. Make the meat part as long as it can fit on the BBQ. Put some onions on the skewers for decoration. I am kidding, for taste of course.

Three | BBQ-ing


When the BBQ is warm put on the skewers. Sprinkle quite an amount of cumin powder on them. Turn them after about a minute or two? I actually haven’t really BBQ-ed them, so use your eye to decide when to turn them. Let the skewers sit till you don’t see any pink anymore, then turn them around and wait till all is brownish.

Four | Almost doneyangrou-06

The inside can still be a little bit pink, then the meat is still very tender. Enjoy with some Turkish bread.


And TADA! You have the most delicious skewers and it’s easy to make. Actually I should try to BBQ them the next time. See if I can make them as tender as my father’s. Then I can prove my BBQ skills. And provide a better recipe. Hah.

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