Delft: The Haka – your healthy dose of food

The Haka is a small restaurant which serves healthy salads and other healthy food. I know it is part of the Pure Family, which is created by the owners of Hills & Mills.

I believe The Haka is the first restaurant to offer healthy food to your home (near Delft). In The Netherlands we can order from the website, but the restaurants on there are mainly fast food stuff. If you want to eat healthy, there is not a lot of choice.

About a year ago I ordered from their website with a few friends. We wanted to eat something healthy. Their website is very clear and I love the pretty photos of the food.


This week I thought of eating at the restaurant to check it out. To my surprise it was very small. There is only a counter where you can order and see the ingredients of the salads and drinks they offer. Upstairs is the kitchen I assume. There is a high table near the window inside and 4 sitting spots outside.


The food

I had a chicken salad and a vegetable soup. The chicken salad was nice, it had a light sauce, don’t know which one. The soup was very strong from taste, I liked it. My friends ordered a vermicelli Thai dish, it was quite light from taste. It could have been stronger, since Thai food is usually quite strong from taste.

saladandsoup thaivermi

The Menu

The menu is designed very well. Clear icons for vegetarian, gluten free etc.

click to read menu

Too bad they don’t have a lot of warm choices, because I still prefer warm food. Okay, but they are a salad bar. Can’t have everything..

While we were eating there outside, we attracted  a lot of Asian tourists to the place. I guess Asians follow Asians hah. Or people follow people, to keep is less racial. That should be a strategy for restaurants. People attract people, much like sheeps. Follow each other… If there are people, it must be good.


Visit them! Or order online..

The Haka
Wijnhaven 13
2611 CR Delft
+31.15 364 9407


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