From tiny food to big food

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Today I saw this post on Dramafever about videos of someone making very small portions of food. It looks so adorable. He or she also cooks with a very small fire and uses mini tools for the mini food. I just can’t stop giggling, because of the cuteness.

Here is the video:


It’s quite interesting. A few weeks ago Bored Panda posted about Kim Clough who makes tiny sculpture food with clay and paint. It looks very realistic. But it is waaayyy smaller. Tiny makes objects interesting.

small big portions

Just like this project miniature-calendar. Every day Tatsuya Tanaka posts a small art piece using everyday objects and small human figures.


These were some fun tiny projects to share.

But then on the other side there is also huge food or big portions! Like Yuka Kinoshita the Youtuber. She eats a lot of food every day and shares it with us. She eats a lot of calories per day, but still it is okay for her body. She had a video to prove her health. She is also a professional eater and regularly does Mukbangs.


In Gilmore Girls, Rory wanted to make the biggest pizza of the world. It wasn’t the biggest pizza, but it still was big…

Recently I am also thinking about why we have 3 meals a day. Why not more or less? I believe in some other countries they eat more often. What is healthier? What is better for a person who has to work 8 hours a day? I still want to figure that out. Also fasting is something interesting. Fasting means you will eat and drink nothing during the day and only eat and drink when the sun is down. Is that okay for your body? Any benefits? I wonder…

That was my thought spin share for today. Have a lovely day!

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