Swiss food?

In the near future I will be going to Swiss for a holiday with friends. We were planning what to do there and while I was looking at sightseeing spots I was thinking: what kind of food do they have there? What is typical Swiss food? I found some cat and dog photos while Googling O_O, so I was quite surprised. Not only people from Asia eat cats and dogs.

So, what is typical Dutch food? “Stamppot”? (mashed potatoes+ stuff) “Bitterbal”? (croquette boll)

Chinese food is: fried rice, dumplings, noodles… Actually I also don’t know what typical Chinese is. They have too much food to choose from.

This thought inspired me to create a series of:

When in [some country] eat [their speciality food]

What is a food you SHOULD have eaten when in Swiss? After the trip I will let you guys know.

For now I can suggest you this for Holland:

For China I suggest:
Do you have suggestions for your country or countries you have visited? I might make a picture of it..

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